Iran without Death Penalty

Our plan for future is an Iran without the death penalty and devoid of torture. Our plan is putting an end to torture and all forms of human rights abuse in Iran.

The Iranian Resistance declared years ago that it calls for abolition of death penalty and an end to torture and all forms of rights abuses in Iran.

Our plan is to revive friendship, conciliation and tolerance.

Our plan for future is to put an end to the mullahs’ religious decrees. We reject the inhuman penal code and other abusive laws of this regime. We believe Retribution is an inhuman law.

We advocate laws that are based on forgiveness, compassion and humanity.

The Iranian Resistance Leader Massoud Rajavi ordered the release of thousands of Khomeini’s agents arrested in the battles of the National Liberation Army of Iran --many of whom had committed murder against the PMOI-- without the slightest violation of their human rights.
This is an enduring tradition of the Iranian people’s resistance.

Our plan is to institute an independent, dynamic and free judiciary.

Our plan is to defend democratic values, freedom, equality and sanctity of every citizen’s private life.

No one will be arrested arbitrarily; torture is banned; no defendant is deprived of the right to defense and having a defense attorney; the principle of presumption of innocence is respected and no one, especially no woman, will be deprived of having access to justice when subjected to violence, aggression and abuse of her freedoms.

Our plan for Iran’s future is that no one should be denied his/her freedoms, rights or life because of having or not having faith in a particular religion or for abandoning it.

Our plan is for all citizens to enjoy genuine security and equal rights before the law.

We are seeking a new order based on freedom, democracy and equality.

We have chosen to persevere and fight on to let our people enjoy a life in freedom and prosperity, so that no youngster under 18 years of age would have to wait in the corridors of death in prison to reach legal age for execution; so that no mother would ever shed tears of grief for her executed child.
Our motivation for resistance till victory is not spite and revenge but our love for freedom and human rights. This is fuel of our steadfastness. And the secret to this endurance is nothing but being prepared to sacrifice and pay the price.





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Maryam Rajavi


President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

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