• Paying tribute to martyrs – Gathering, All for freedom – 27 June 2014
  • Putting flowers on the names of martyrs of the Iranian people - 27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi at the Grand Gathering – All for freedom - 27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with representatives of the Iranian associations -Gathering – All for freedom -27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with parliamentarians at the Gathering – All for freedom -27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with personalities at the Gathering - All for freedom -27 June 2014
  • Grand Gathering of Iranians - All for freedom - Paris- Villepinte-27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with religious and political personalities at “Religious dictatorship in Iran epicenter of sectarian wars in the Middle East” conference – Paris – July 26 2014

October 22,2014

Angry demonstrations by people of Esfahan and Tehran against anti-human crime of splashing acid by regime’s elements on women
Maryam Rajavi, hailed the people of Esfahan and Tehran for demonstrating to protest the anti-human crime by mullahs’ regime against the women of our homeland and called on all Iranians, especially the women and the youth, to join the national movement in defense of Iranian women.

October 22,2014

Maryam Rajavi calls on international organizations in defense of human rights and women’s rights to condemn this blind state terrorism and press the clerical regime to end this barbarism against Iranian women

October 18,2014

Maryam Rajavi expressed deep resentment for these appalling crimes and said: The mullahs’ regime that is fearful of mounting popular discontent, especially that of women and the youth, is attempting to prevent the explosion of their wrath through these brutalities and intimidations.
In recent days, organized gangs affiliated with the mullahs’ regime have been splashing acid on the faces of a large number of young women in Esfahan under the pretext of “mal-veiling”. The victims of this heinous act amount to eight, six of whom have been hospitalized in Esfahan’s Feiz Hospital.

October 10,2014

-    Indifference in face of daily executions on pretext of nuclear negotiations encourages criminals
- The file of Iranian regime’s crimes needs to be referred to the UN Security Council and its leaders have to face justice

In a message on the occasion of October 10, the World Day Against the Death Penalty, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, stated that over 1000 executions during Mullah Rouhani’s office once again betrays the illusion of moderation in this regime together with those who appease this regime and makes all the more pressing the need to forward the file of barbaric and systematic violation of human rights in Iran to the United Nations Security Council and for leaders of the mullahs’ regime to face justice.

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Maryam_Rajavi #MaryamRajavi : Silence of the int community in face #acidattack s, encourages mullahs regime & gives free hand 2 criminals in #Iran
Maryam_Rajavi #MaryamRajavi hailed the protesting pple of Esfahan &Tehran calling people 2 join the national movement in defense of women #AcidAttacks
Maryam_Rajavi Maryam Rajavi hailed the protesting people of Esfahan and Tehran http://t.co/a1APxMm3g3#maryamrajavi #Iran #AcidAttacks
Maryam_Rajavi #MaryamRajavi expressed deep sympathy with the victims of acid attack in Isfahan in #Iran
Maryam_Rajavi #MaryamRajavi calls for action, 25 women targeted with acid attack http://t.co/tOii2qjjwx #Iran
Maryam_Rajavi #MaryamRajavi International community must not tolerate barbaric acts of #Iran ‘s regime under the pretext of nuke talks
Maryam_Rajavi #MaryamRajaviI salute brave ppl of #Isfahan who resist before criminal acts of #Iran ‘s regime by not giving up 2 their intimidation
Maryam_Rajavi #MaryaRajavi addressed her empathy 2 women of #Isfahan, victim of spilling acid on their faces & criminal agents of #Iran ‘s regime

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Meeting of Maryam Rajavi and Mr. Ahmad Jarba in Paris

Maryam Rajavi's testimony before Subcommittee on International Human Rights- Parliament of Canada

Maryam Rajavi’s speech- European Parliament–April 09,2014

Maryam Rajavi - Speech UN - Geneva


Maryam Rajavi- at Nobel peace institute-Oslo