• Paying tribute to martyrs – Gathering, All for freedom – 27 June 2014
  • Putting flowers on the names of martyrs of the Iranian people - 27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi at the Grand Gathering – All for freedom - 27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with representatives of the Iranian associations -Gathering – All for freedom -27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with parliamentarians at the Gathering – All for freedom -27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with personalities at the Gathering - All for freedom -27 June 2014
  • Grand Gathering of Iranians - All for freedom - Paris- Villepinte-27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with religious and political personalities at “Religious dictatorship in Iran epicenter of sectarian wars in the Middle East” conference – Paris – July 26 2014

November 19,2014

Iran Human Rights record assailed

Nov. 18, 2014 - Eric Shawn reports on Tehran's continued executions

Monday is the deadline to reach a deal with Iran that would freeze its nuke program in exchange for lifting economic sanctions but critics say Iran horrendous human rights record should not be forgotten during negotiations and should be considered in any agreement. Eric Shawn joins us from New York and is going to look at that…

November 19,2014

Adoption of 61st UN Resolution censuring flagrant and systematic human rights violations in Iran

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, welcomed the United Nations General Assembly Third Committee’s adoption of 61st resolution censuring the flagrant and systematic violation of human rights in the Iran. “This resolution leaves no doubt that the appalling human rights record of the clerical regime must be referred to the Security Council for the adoption of binding and punitive measures and that those responsible for 120,000 political executions should face justice,” she said.
Mrs. Rajavi added: Although this resolution fails to include all aspects of the atrocities and crimes of the ruling theocracy, it makes it palpably clear that this regime has trampled on all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Moreover, the resolution underscores that the mullahs are violating the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Law.

November 16,2014

Speech at the conference celebrating the victory of justice and truth for the Iranian Resistance
NCRI headquarters, Auvers-sur-Oise, France

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,

"In every corner of the world, where rights of human beings are trampled upon, and where people are robbed of their freedoms and sense of security, there exists one and only one recourse: resistance.
... Every child that is murdered, every human being that is tortured or executed, deserves our attention. We cannot observe in silence, while enjoying our wealth and freedoms, as other human beings are tortured or killed.
The struggle of the Iranian Resistance is a struggle for human rights. It is a struggle that belongs to all of us. It concerns every nation. ... When conscience speaks and thrusts into action, there is no force out there that can defy it."
These words were spoken in July 1984 across from a court in Créteil, France, which was hearing a case defending the activists of the Iranian Resistance.
The man who uttered those words is among us here today: Henri Leclerc, who has become a symbol for French conscience and justice.

November 7,2014

A Vice President of the European Parliament, Ryszard Czarnecki, met with the Iranian Resistance’s President-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, in the latter’s residence near Paris.
Czarnecki, who met Mrs. Rajavi in Auvers-sur-Oise, condemned gross human rights violations in Iran, especially the systematic and barbaric abuses against women. He added that the behavior of the Iranian regime toward the Iranian people and especially women is absolutely unacceptable to the European Union and especially the European Parliament. Despite the fact that governments have a willingness to make deals with the Iranian regime, Mr. Czarnecki said he would strongly oppose the sacrificing of human rights in such deals.

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