• Conference on the occasion of International Women's Day –Anissa Boumediene, Phumia Mandela, Ingrid Betancourt, Maryam Rajavi, Michèle Alliot-Marie , Kim Campbell ,Carmen Quintanilla, Aude de Thuin- Paris- March 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with representatives of Iranian communities and supporters of the Iranian Resistance - on the occasion of 35th anniversary of the revolution - 8 février 2014
  • French parliamentarians and mayors show their support for the Iranian Resistance – June 22, 2013- Villepinte- Paris
  • Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, General James Jones and Mrs. Jones, Maryam Radjavi and former Spanish Prime-Minister M. Zapatero
  • Vice President of the European Parliament and parliamentarians from across the world with Maryam Rajavi – June 22, 2013- Villepinte- Paris

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April 18,2014

She urges the Tehran youth to rise in solidarity with prisoners and their families
Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, called on the international community, especially the United States, the European Union and member states, the United Nations Secretary-General and High Commissioner for Human Rights, to strongly denounce Thursday’s  barbaric raid against the political prisoners in the Evin Prison by the revolutionary guards and the criminal agents of mullahs’ intelligence and the savage battering and transfer of a number of political prisoners to solitary confinement. She also called for binding, effective and immediate resolutions to stop the barbaric and systematic transgression of human rights by the religious fascism ruling Iran.

April 14,2014

In the Name of God,
In the Name of Iran,
In the Name of Freedom,

And in the Name of the Martyrs of April 8, the martyrs who pursued dignity and freedom for Iran.
And the brave Mojahed Saeed Chavoshi said: "We will greet any hardship or challenge."
Mahdiyeh Madadzadeh said: “I will pay the price of the path I have chosen.”
Faezeh Rajabi said: “we write the destiny of our people”.

Amir-Massoud Fazlollahi said: "There is nothing in this world that is more beautiful than staying true to one's word and fulfilling one's promise."

And Saba Haftbaradaran said: "We stand tall, and we will persevere until the very end."

Such were the last words of the martyrs of April 8, 2011, a testimony to their enduring perseverance.

Yes, since the first series of martyrdoms of the members of the central committee of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), Ali Mihandoust, Ali Bakeri, Nasser Sadeq, and Mohammad Bazargani, to the blood-stained epic created in Ashraf on September 1, 2013, this is the message that can be continuously heard: Resistance, resistance and more resistance. This is the way to change our destiny and to build our future. This is the key to liberation and to paving the way forward in the midst of the religious fascism's oppression.

April 12,2014

We call on Western governments to make contingent their relations with the mullahs’ regime to the issue of human rights

In his 10-month dossier, Rouhani has shown that he is part and parcel of the mullahs’ regime with no mission other than to preserve the regime

Call for urgent action by international community to release seven Ashraf hostages, provide security of Camp Liberty, and transfer refugees to U.S. and Europe

On Saturday, April 12, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, called on the international community, especially the Western governments, to make contingent their relations with the mullahs’ regime to the human rights situation in Iran, especially the abolishment of executions, cessation of torture and suppression, and respect for freedom of expression by this regime.
Mrs. Rajavi was the keynote speaker to the conference, held in Paris in presence of delegations from Iranian youth associations from across the world. She asserted, “End the policy of appeasement and making concessions to the regime. On the pretext of nuclear talks, do not turn a blind eye on the crimes committed by this regime against the Iranian people and the regime’s role in the genocide in Syria, and its deadly occupation of Iraq.”
Speaking on regime’s reaction to European Parliament’s recent resolution on the violation of human rights in Iran Rajavi said: “Their deep fear of human rights is not without cause since the slightest gap in this respect will open the way to torrents of uprisings and the unraveling of the chain of oppression.”

April 11,2014

Distinguished Members of the European Parliament

Dear friends, it is a great pleasure to be with you once again in this house of democracy. I have come to the European Parliament to call on the European people, parliaments, governments and other EU institutions to support the struggle for freedom of the suppressed people of my country.

We have risen up against a brutal regime which is the prime threat to human society, and its achievements and progress.  Unfortunately, due to economic interests and the policy of appeasement, European governments have sided with the clerical regime in Iran.

Meanwhile, members of the European Parliament have echoed the conscience of the people of Europe by siding with the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance . in their quest for change.

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Maryam_Rajavi Western Govs should condition their relations W/ #Iran to #HumanRights issues.Particularly to a halt on #executions, #torture &repression
Maryam_Rajavi The savage raid & the battering of the defenceless political prisoners in Evin, must be condemned by #HumanRights organizations. #Iran @UN
Maryam_Rajavi The savage attack on Pol prisoners in Evin‘s ward 350& transferring them to solitary cells 2intimidate them &2 break their resistance #Iran
Maryam_Rajavi Demands for investigation R2 ensure the rights of MEK Freedom activists and to save their lives now and in the future #Iran #campliberty
Maryam_Rajavi #Iraq GOV must be compelled to admit to an investigation AB crime against #humanity in #CampAshraf, carried out by @Amnesty Intl. #Iran
Maryam_Rajavi #Iraq i GOV must be compelled to admit @Amnesty International’s investigation about crime against humanity in #CampAshraf
Maryam_Rajavi The @UN should compel the fact finding mission to investigate the crime against #humanity in #CampAshraf. #Iran #HumanRights @UNrightswire
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Maryam Rajavi - Speech UN - Geneva

Maryam Rajavi’s speech- European Parliament–April 09,2014


Maryam Rajavi- at Nobel peace institute-Oslo