• Paying tribute to martyrs – Gathering, All for freedom – 27 June 2014
  • Putting flowers on the names of martyrs of the Iranian people - 27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi at the Grand Gathering – All for freedom - 27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with representatives of the Iranian associations -Gathering – All for freedom -27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with parliamentarians at the Gathering – All for freedom -27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with personalities at the Gathering - All for freedom -27 June 2014
  • Grand Gathering of Iranians - All for freedom - Paris- Villepinte-27 June 2014
  • Maryam Rajavi with religious and political personalities at “Religious dictatorship in Iran epicenter of sectarian wars in the Middle East” conference – Paris – July 26 2014

September 7,2014

AFP - 1September 2014
Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI opposition in exile) warned on Monday of the risk of an association of Iran in search of a solution in Iraq، considering that it would lead to "encourage sectarian war" in this country.

September 1,2014

Eviction of the Iranian regime, the only solution for the crisis of Iraq

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I salute all of you and the distinguished guests. I am grateful for Mr. Colcombe’s remarks.
A year after the blood-soaked epic at Ashraf and the mass murder of 52 proud Mojaheds, with their sacred blood still percolating and paving the path ahead, the government of henchmen in Baghdad, formed by puppets of the ruling theocracy in Iran, has been ousted.  But, the Mojahedin and the Iranian Resistance have remained steadfast, strong, and revitalized, and they will remain so until they uproot the oppressive regime of the velayat-e faqih.

September 1,2014

Maryam Rajavi: Resolving Iraq crisis is impossible without uprooting the Iranian regime and its terrorist groupings
Growth of extremist terrorist groups in Iraq is the by-product of Iranian regime’s dominion and suppression by Maliki and offering a role to this regime in reining in the crisis will stir up a still greater catastrophe
Through regional crisis mullahs are looking to delay signing the final nuclear agreement or to extract concessions that would leave open the path to the atomic bomb

August 25,2014

On August 15, 2014, Al-Arabiya television’s “Noqttat-ol Nizam (State of the Union) program broadcast an interview Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.
In the interview, Mrs. Rajavi discussed the situation in the Middle East, the destructive role of the Iranian regime inside and outside Iran, the developments in Iraq and Syria, the Iranian Resistance’s revelations on the regime’s nuclear weapons program, the future of Iran and solution to the current regional crises.

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Maryam_Rajavi With recent suppression & crimes in #Iran it has now been confirmed that moderation in mullahs regime is only a mirage
Maryam_Rajavi The most dangerous crisis #Iran regime has ever faced is the growing hatred of the society & ppl’s readiness 2 downfall mullahs regime
Maryam_Rajavi Almost half of Rouhani’s gov budget is used 4 suppression & warmongering/ they fear from uprising & protest inside #iran #Maryamrajavi
Maryam_Rajavi Increasing suppression including hangings during last year shows #Iran regime’s failure 2 contain ppl’s growing protest #maryamrajavi
Maryam_Rajavi Rouhani’s gov came with moderation slogan, now 1000 are hanged in public or secretly in #Iran prisons #Maryamrajavi
Maryam_Rajavi #Iran is taking advantage of the global desire 2 fight #ISIS 2 restore its dominion in #Iraq #Paris
Maryam_Rajavi Participation of the #Iran ian regime in a coalition 4 the #ISIS crisis will set the stage 4 a greater catastrophe #Paris
Maryam_Rajavi I call international orgs & #humanrights institutions 4 an effective action 2 save lives of political prisoners on hunger strike #Iran

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maryam rajavi's speech-Paris-27June2014

Meeting of Maryam Rajavi and Mr. Ahmad Jarba in Paris

Maryam Rajavi's testimony before Subcommittee on International Human Rights- Parliament of Canada

Maryam Rajavi’s speech- European Parliament–April 09,2014

Maryam Rajavi - Speech UN - Geneva


Maryam Rajavi- at Nobel peace institute-Oslo