• Maryam Rajavi with personalities at the annual Gathering of the Iranian Resistance -13 June 2015
  • Maryam Rajavi at the Grand Gathering of Iranians - Paris- Villepinte-13-June 2015
  • Maryam Rajavi – Commemorating victims of rocket attack on camp Liberty – 1 November 2015
  • Grand Gathering of Iranians - Paris- Villepinte-13-June 2015
  • Grand Gathering of Iranians - Paris- Villepinte-13-June 2015
  • Paris – Conference on “Democratic and Tolerant Islam against Fundamentalism, Religious Dictatorship”, July 4,2015
  • Maryam Rajavi – Hearing at U.S. Subcommittee of Foreign Affairs Committee -April 29, 2015
  • Maryam Rajavi-Honoring slain champions buried in Khavaran prisoners massacred in 1988
  • Maryam Rajavi with political dignitaries participating in Paris conference- World Day against Death Penalty-10Ocotber2015
  • Maryam Rajavi in the ceremony paying homage to victims of Paris terrorist attack -16 November 2015

November 24,2015

Women must rise up against this phenomenon

Maryam Rajavi's message on the International Day for elimination of Violence against Women

The International Day for elimination of Violence against Women is a proper occasion to expose a disgraceful, misogynous regime founded on suppression of women and discrimination against them.

For the past 37 years, Iranian women have been subjected to injustice, the most inhumane violence and discrimination in all areas of their life under the banner of Islam and in the name of God.

November 21,2015

Gathering at NCRI Headquarters in solidarity with the people of France

In a ceremony commemorating victims of terrorist attacks in Paris and in solidarity with the people of France held on Saturday, November 21, the Iranian Resistance’s President-elect Maryam Rajavi reiterated:

The November 13 tragedy demonstrated that there are two opposing fronts; freedom-loving people and advocates of democracy and separation of religion and state, tolerant and democrat Muslims versus tyrants, savages, fanatics, ISIS, Bashar Assad and the Iranian regime.

maryam Rajavi said: Muslims who believe in democracy are the most effective force which could fight and defeat the global danger of Islamic fundamentalism.

She called on all Muslims, particularly Muslims in France, to unite in a front against terrorism and extremism under the name of Islam.

November 21,2015

Maryam Rajavi’s speech at the ceremony in solidarity with the people of France

Honorable deputies, elected representatives,
Dear friends,

I would like to express my appreciation for your presence and solidarity today.
With heavy hearts, we pay homage to 130 defenseless human beings killed and 350 injured in the inferno of fundamentalism and terrorism.
The conscience of humanity is left scarred by this savagery committed under the name of God and religion.
The people of Iran share France’s grief.
PMOI members in Camp Liberty, who lost 24 comrades in a rocket attack by the Iranian regime last month, offered their sympathies with the people of France by holding a memorial at their devastated Camp, which remains in ruins. 
In a tribute, they stood under the national flags of France and Iran, and sang the Marseillaise and the Iranian national anthem on the rubbles of their Camp.
No one in the world today can feel the pain of the people of France any better than those who have been victims of Islamic fundamentalism.
And we, the people of Iran, the freedom-loving Muslims, are the principal victims of this evil phenomenon.
Extremism under the banner of Islam emerged in 1979 with Khomeini seizing power; it has to date murdered 120,000 political dissidents in Iran.

November 19,2015

UN adopts 62nd resolution censuring rights violations in Iran

The 70th session of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution Thursday November 19, 2015, condemning flagrant and systematic violations of human rights in Iran by the clerical regime.

The resolution expresses “serious concern at the alarming high frequency of, and increase in the carrying-out of the death penalty, in disregard of internationally recognized safeguards, including executions undertaken without notification to the prisoner’s family members or legal counsel, and at the continuing imposition and carrying-out of the death penalty against minors and persons who at the time of their offence were under the age of 18.”

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