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Mar 172020

Maryam Rajavi: Iran is infuriated; people of Iran want neither the Coronavirus nor the mullahs

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Maryam Rajavi: Iran is infuriated; people of Iran want neither the Coronavirus nor the mullahs

This is the last Tuesday of (the Persian Year) 1398, marking a crimson and blazing Feast of Fire for the people of Iran who are grieving in pain, and who are furious and rebellious.

While cursing Khomeini, Khamenei and Rouhani, Iran’s brave youth and heroic Resistance Units will set fire to the regime’s figures as they did in the fiery uprising of November 2019.

These days, due to the regime’s criminal approach, our people are afflicted with the disastrous Coronavirus disease and are mourning the loss of their loved ones and their compatriots.

But once again, they rise up and turn every square into a place for rebellion and solidarity against the thing that is worse than the Coronavirus, the mullahs’ religious tyranny.
They form popular councils and rush to the aid of their fellow citizens in their neighborhoods and cities. Instead of the (traditional) new year cleaning of their house, they go out and disinfect their neighborhoods. Children distribute free masks. Young people fill receptacles with gel and disinfectant. Or in a show of gratitude, they present boxes of sweets to physicians and medical staff.

Selfless physicians and nurses also do not spare any moment to care for Coronavirus patients.
Courageous members of Resistance Units who never let up on their activities, rushed to the aid of our compatriots, and some of them unfortunately lost their lives in the process.
Hail to the people of Iran. Hail to their unity and solidarity vis-à-vis the inhuman clerical regime. Hail to them who never give up and are taking action as they have always done even when the people of Shiraz or the people of Sistan and Baluchestan were surrounded by floods, when our dear people in Sarpol-e Zahab were hit by earthquake losing their homes, and when the people of Gilan were besieged under an avalanche of snow.

Now, it is clear for everyone that much worse than the Coronavirus and any other calamity, it is the mullahs’ ominous rule that spells the biggest catastrophe that kills our people, denies them resources, fails to quarantine cities, deprives hospitals and their medical staff of essential equipment, and refuses assistance to people who perish in various streets. Dozens of physicians and nurses contracted the virus and lost their lives because they did not have sufficient medical equipment, even face masks and gowns, while caring for corona patients. They cry out, “give us medical equipment to prevent us from dying.”
The criminal mullahs must be condemned because they are the ones who have destroyed our nation and our country; you have done much worse than the Coronavirus, cholera, and the plague.

However, the people of Iran and their vanguards say despite all the suffering, hangings and executions, and the barrage of bullets that pierce our hearts, the spirit of life is in our hands and we will rise up again, a hundred and a thousand times more.

As Massoud Rajavi, the Leader of the Iranian Resistance, said, “The final word which would relieve and save our oppressed people, is to rebel and wage war against the clerical regime. Revolting and waging a hundred times greater war is essential to victory.”

Iran is furious. Let the world see and hear that the people of Iran want neither the Coronavirus nor the mullahs.
Fill every neighborhood and every street with your impassioned cries and songs of freedom.
Set up your popular resistance councils as quickly as possible in every neighborhood, city and village.
The popular councils in every neighborhood must take control of medical supplies and services and provide for the people’s needs.

The medical and sanitary resources must be taken out of the regime’s possession and placed at our people’s disposal.
IRGC hospitals and medical centers belonging to Khamenei’s representatives have top-quality medical facilities and they must be opened to all the people and all Coronavirus patients.

Yes, through rebellion and waging a struggle that is a hundred times greater, the mullahs’ rule, characterized by crimes and cruelty, will be overthrown and the great spring will arrive after this cold and bleak winter.

Maryam Rajavi


President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

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