Iranian society is experiencing an uprising phase

Since January 2018, there have been several significant uprisings in Iran. The biggest uprising was sparked in September 2022 following the tragic death of a young Kurdish woman, Jina Amini.


The Uprising of Zahedan: Rejecting the Regime of Execution

Today, after Friday prayers, the people of Zahedan took to the streets to demonstrate.


Welcoming Nowruz as Uprising and Revolution Persist

Congratulations on the Nowruz that follows the Iran uprising and revolution


Iranian Resistance rally in Paris

The keynote speaker of the event was Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the NCRI


Message to Iranian demonstration in France on the anniversary of the 1979 anti-monarchical revolution

From the overthrow of Shah's dictatorship to the uprising for a democratic republic


Opposition groups rally in France demanding EU list Iran’s Guards as terrorist group

Sunday’s rally in Paris, organized by the NCRI, aimed to highlight the IRGC’s role in cracking down on protesters, but also its activities outside Iran

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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