Question: what is Iran’s status from a political standpoint?

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What is Iran’s status from a political standpoint?

The light of change is shining on Iran. The ruling regime is in disarray and paralyzed as never before.

Iranian society is simmering with discontent and the international community is finally getting closer to the reality that appeasing the ruling theocracy is misguided.

These intense circumstances speak to three fundamental truths related to obtaining freedom and liberty in Iran, as well as peace and tranquility in the region:
First, the overthrow of the ruling religious dictatorship is an imperative.
Second, the regime’s overthrow is within reach.
And third, a democratic alternative and an organized resistance exists, which is capable of toppling the theocracy in Iran.

Now, what do these mean?

The first truth answers the question “what must be done regarding a regime that has held Iran and all Iranians in chains and is the driver behind war and carnage in the region”?

Is this regime really capable of reform? The answer is NO, because claimants of reform were in power for 20 years out of the 38 years of the regime’s rule, and they accomplished nothing but serving the Velayat-e Faqih regime.

Would giving concessions to the regime ever lead to its change of behavior? The answer is NO. This is something that has already been tested repeatedly for the past three decades by the US and Europe.

Finally, is it possible to contain this regime? NO, because what has been described as a policy of containment in effect does nothing but obstruct the path towards the adoption of a firm policy against the regime.

Therefore, the conclusion is what the Iranian Resistance has emphasized since the outset and many in the world have reached today: The solution, the only solution, is regime change.

The second truth is that the regime’s overthrow is possible and within reach, because the regime is besieged by extensive social discontent.

Indeed, despite the regime’s deafening propaganda, the greatest threat to the regime is not a foreign enemy, but social revolts waiting to erupt within Iran itself.

The reality is that the overthrow of the religious dictatorship is possible and within reach because of the regime’s ineptitude and failures, including its inability to contain the country’s economic disintegration and environmental disasters, the failure to provide for the most basic needs of our enraged people, its inability to obtain nuclear weapons, and even its failure to consolidate the regime.

The third truth is the existence of a force for change and a democratic alternative. This alternative’s power emanates from its capability to thrust the regime from a state of crises to ultimate overthrow.

Maryam Rajavi


President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

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