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13 Jan 2024

Maryam Rajavi meets with members of the Federal Parliament (Bundestag) of Germany

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Maryam Rajavi meets with members of the Federal Parliament (Bundestag) of Germany

On Wednesday, January 10, 2024, members of the Federal Parliament (Bundestag) of Germany visited Maryam Rajavi to engage in discussions. The German MPs in attendance included Mr. Carsten Müller, a senior member of the Legal Committee, and Ms. Katja Adler, as well as Mr. Leo Dautzenberg, former MP, and Chair of the German Committee in Solidarity with a Free Iran.

Noting the developments in Iran and the uprising in 2022, Ms. Katja Adler expressed her thoughts: “Having experienced dictatorship during a brief period of my life, I understand the crucial role an alternative plays when people mobilize. The people of Iran yearn for an alternative like you (Maryam Rajavi), and I wholeheartedly support you and your Ten-Point Plan. I fervently hope to witness a free Iran soon, where the rulers are not the mullahs.”

Mr. Carsten Müller voiced regret regarding the West’s policy of appeasement and its conciliatory stance toward the mullahs’ regime. He emphasized the necessity for decisive action, stating, “The [clerical] regime sustains its rule through heinous methods and policies.”

Referring to the widespread support for the Iranian Resistance and the Ten-Point Plan within the Federal Parliament, Mr. Müller remarked, “The participation of a diverse array of parties and personalities in the Iranian Resistance’s meetings, especially the gathering on December 14 in Berlin, signifies extensive support from German politicians for your Resistance.”

Mr. Müller added that he and his colleagues are committed to supporting the struggle of the Iranian people and the Resistance through their actions. They persist in these efforts with optimism for Iran’s eventual freedom.

Mr. Leo Dautzenberg said, “It is a great honor to meet you. We hope that together we can take a step in supporting the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom and democracy.”

Mr. Dautzenberg noted the exposure of the network of the Iranian regime’s agents who have infiltrated Western countries and added, “In Germany, too, the mullahs’ regime infiltrated some institutions through such agents, who advance the policy of demonization of the PMOI and the NCRI among members of parliament as well as in the press and media. Fortunately, by informing the media, including the publication of a booklet by our committee, we exposed this policy and its true objectives.”

Maryam Rajavi extended her New Year congratulations, stating, “Today, the religious fascism ruling Iran, apprehensive of potential uprisings and grappling with various political and economic crises, has intensified its warmongering in the [Middle East] region and escalated international terrorism in an unprecedented manner, aiming to thwart the Iranian people’s uprising and the overthrow of its regime.”

Maryam Rajavi pointed out, “Today, there remains no doubt that the clerical regime stands as the primary source of warmongering, export of terrorism, and fundamentalism—the worst enemy of peace in the region and the world. You and your colleagues’ positions in the German Bundestag will not only support the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance but will make a substantial contribution to regional and global peace and tranquility.”

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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