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11 Apr 2013

Seeking to achieve bomb, Khamenei lost an exceptional opportunity to reach an agreement

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Seeking to achieve bomb, Khamenei lost an exceptional opportunity to reach an agreement

Failure of Almaty’s negotiation decisively proved the policy of appeasement and concession towards this regime to be wrong
Following the failure of atomic negotiation in Almaty and the Iranian regime’s uproar and claims regarding new atomic achievements, and after futile efforts for continuing negotiations with this regime which is doomed to failure, Rajavi, said:
Khamenei who increasingly finds the survival of its reign contingent upon achieving atomic weapon, did not respond to the proposed package of P5+1 and the tremendous unilateral and free concessions proposed to this regime and hence lost an exceptional opportunity to achieve an agreement with the international community, and thereby decisively proved the falseness of policy of negotiation, appeasement and concession towards this regime.

Rajavi added: “Unbridled fighting inside the ruling body, explosive situation of the society, Syrian revolution, crisis in Iraq, disintegration of regime’s regional front and strategy of exporting fundamentalism and terrorism, on the one hand has increased regime’s need for atomic bomb as a guarantee for its survival, and on the other hand, any retreat from the atomic issue has become more fatal to the regime, because it would make Khamenei lose his control and would lead to the collapse of the regime.”
She added: “Thus, by continued violation of Security Council’s resolutions, Khamenei is moving with full force on the path of achieving atomic bomb. Despite different approaches and interests of the members of UN Security Council, this would lead to more sanctions and further tension, crisis and confrontation with international community.
“After the downfall of Libyan dictator, Khamenei concluded that should Qaddafi have not abandoned its atomic projects he would have not been toppled.
Yet, the mullahs’ regime continues the policy of deception and buying time. The day before Almaty negotiations which was led by Khamenei himself, Ali Bagheri, Jalili’s deputy and brother of Khamenei’s son in law, claimed that he has presented a plan called “New framework for cooperation” which “has addressed the plan proposed by the west more than before”. This plan was a duplicate of regime’s last year proposal in Moscow which the western diplomats described as a vague proposal that does not address specific issues.”
Rajavi added: “The failure of Almaty negotiations was a turning point in the endless negotiations with the mullahs’ regime and well proved the fact that pinning hope on negotiation, let alone making concessions and incentive package to this regime, is nothing but playing in the mullahs’ court and submitting to their lies to deceive the international community and to help them achieve atomic bomb. This policy only prolongs the life of the religious dictatorship and intensifies suppression, execution, export of terrorism and fundamentalism and endangers the regional and global peace.”
Rajavi stressed: “Intensifying sanctions and making them comprehensive is a necessary step to prevent this regime from achieving atomic bomb, but the final solution to avoid a nightmare of atomic mullahs from coming off, with not much time left for it, is regime change by the Iranian people and the Resistance.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 11, 2013

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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