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29 Jun 2024

Maryam Rajavi’s Speech at the Free Iran World Summit 2024

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Maryam Rajavi’s Speech at the Free Iran World Summit 2024

Fellow compatriots!

Your massive rally today in Berlin represents a continuation of the Iranian people’s triumph in the nationwide boycott of Khamenei’s elections.
This uproar of Iranian people declares to the world that the overthrow of the Velayat-e faqih regime is inevitable, and that freedom, democracy, and equality will be established in Iran, and peace will be secured in the Middle East.

Greetings to the PMOI freedom fighters in Ashraf 3, pioneers of resistance, struggle, and revolt against religious tyranny.
Greetings to the rebellious youth and architects of uprisings across cities and villages of Iran. And salutes to those resisting in the prisons of the religious dictatorship.
Greetings and salutations to all of you, the distinguished guests present at the Free Iran summit.

Sham Elections Reflect the Desperation of the Religious Tyranny

The sham elections are the outcome of the impasse and the major failures that plague the regime because:
The people of Iran have repeatedly and clearly declared, “Our vote is to overthrow the regime; there is no place for elections in this regime. It’s time for revolution!” On the day Ebrahim Raisi, the henchman of the 1988 massacre, was killed, the outpouring of popular joy was the true expression of the Iranian people’s vote.

2. This election reflects the clerical regime’s utter political and strategic desperation.

A bloodthirsty mullah and five criminal IRGC members epitomize above all, the regime’s empty hands in this final stage. The statistics and even the number of invalid votes showcase the regime’s declining social base.

Direct monitoring and observation from the beginning to the end of the so-called voting, from 8 am to 12 am at over 14,000 polling stations by the PMOI sympathizers, indicate that the boycott struck a sledgehammer blow to the regime, with 88 percent of Iranians abstaining from the fraudulent elections. Only 12 percent of eligible voters –fewer than 7.4 million people– turned out. This figure includes those who voted voluntarily, those who were coerced to the ballot box through various schemes, and those who cast invalid or blank ballots.

This overwhelming abstention represents the Iranian people’s decisive rejection of dictatorship and their clear vote for the regime’s overthrow, signaling the impending victory of a free Iran under a democratic republic.

3. Even based on the regime’s inflated figures, the turnout is lower than in Raisi’s election. The mere fact that the election engineered by Khamenei has gone to a run-off reflects weakness and disarray within the regime. Nevertheless, the next incoming President represents the continuation of the mullahs’ supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s strategy. He is a Basij member steeped in four decades of suppression and war, a follower of the 1988 executioner Ebrahim Raisi, and a loyal servant to Khamenei’s bomb-making agenda. Last Monday, Khamenei, with utmost shamelessness, stated that even the slightest deviation from his stance was unacceptable.

4. Reformists within this irreformable regime, who, according to their leader, are begging for two or three seats in the parliament, were this time used to increase turnout. However, when asked, their candidate reiterated that his programs and policies are decided by Khamenei, and that deviating from them is a redline for him.

5. Today, the phase of overthrowing the mullahs’ regime has surfaced amid several major crises:

The threat of forthcoming massive uprisings, the lethal impact of the death of Ebrahim Raisi, the henchman of the 1988 massacre, dealing an irreparable blow to Khamenei’s strategy, entanglement in the quagmire of the conflict in the region, the conundrum of succession and a lack of future, an economy teetering on the brink of collapse.

The outcome is that Khamenei aimed to resolve the issue of succession and ensure the regime’s survival after his death through this election. However, he failed in this endeavor, bringing the regime one significant step closer to its downfall.
This election was intended to address Khamenei’s succession problem and secure the regime’s continuity, but it has left the regime without a clear successor.
Darker days lie ahead for the clerical regime. The countdown to overthrow has begun.

Onward to a Free Iran

The Iranian Resistance is poised to turn the darkest page in Iran’s history. This organized movement, soon entering its 60th year, has emerged from battles against both dictatorships of the Shah and the mullahs.

It has endured in a struggle marked by torture, imprisonment, executions, and continuous exile, but has not wavered in its pursuit of freedom, steadfastly standing by its principles, and proving its political and historical competence to lead a significant transformation towards a free Iran and a democratic republic.

The suffering and sacrifice of the tortured and massacred are the backbone of the impenetrable walls and red lines of this resistance against any form of tyranny.

Indeed, the generation nurtured by Massoud Rajavi in the face of firing squads and on the gallows, rose up against Khomeini, Khamenei, and religious tyranny. This stands as a testament that the Islam of the PMOI is an Islam of freedom. And freedom, in its essence, is the revival of humanity, the very lifeblood of revolutions that were vanquished.

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The Absolute Rule of Vali-e Faqih

Khomeini was the true heir to the Shah, albeit with a turban on his head, allowing him to perpetrate even greater torture and bloodshed under the guise of religion. And as Khomeini himself proclaimed, with an absolute and lifelong rule.

Under the Supreme Leader’s rule, the concepts of a republic and a presidency have been rendered utterly devoid of substance or function, constituting a monumental deception.

From the very inception of the regime and based on its Constitution, war and peace, the Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Army, the Judiciary, the state media, the Guardians Council, and the very formulation of national policy have all been beholden to a single, medieval cleric. How, then, can one speak of a republic or presidential elections? Isn’t this a form of clerical feudalism?

Therefore, whoever yearns for a republic and the people’s sovereignty, whoever longs for freedom and democracy, must first overthrow the dictatorships of both the Shah and the mullahs.

Under the Shah’s regime, the constitution enshrined the monarchy as a divinely bestowed gift, bestowed upon the Shah, to be inherited exclusively by his male descendants, never by females.[1]

Similarly, in the constitution of the clerical regime, the “absolute guardianship of the Islamic jurist and leadership of the ummah” holds control over the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. [2]

Women are barred from guardianship, leadership roles, the presidency, and additionally, from serving as judges.

Truly, what does reforming this regime entail, if not the dismantling of the principle of Velayat-e Faqih (guardianship of a supreme jurisprudent) and the eradication of its military, economic, and political nepotism and cronyism?

Why has the PMOI become the ultimate anathema to the mullahs’ political system and its allies, both near and far? Because we have resolutely rejected the Velayat-e-Faqih and the constitution of the feudalistic, theocratic dictatorship.

For on the very day following June 20, 1981, we rose to overthrow the religious tyranny, proclaiming with unwavering clarity that the sole solution lies in the overthrow of this regime – the dismantling of this turbaned monarchy masquerading as Velayat-e Faqih.

The Poisoned Chalice of Raisi’s Death

In light of this perspective, let us examine yesterday’s election results.

Ebrahim Raisi, the henchman of 1988, was a key figure who was supposed to bridge the gap at the top of the power pyramid. He guaranteed the regime’s strategy of repression, terrorism, and warmongering. He was the only option for uniting Khamenei’s Office with the government.

Raisi’s death was a “poisoned chalice” for Khamenei. Clearly, the regime’s impasse did not occur suddenly at the moment of Raisi’s death. In 2021, Khamenei accepted the scandal of appointing a henchman as president, viewing him as the final recourse in confronting the ripe conditions for overthrow.

But what has laid the groundwork for the overthrow of the regime is a series of major developments. Starting in December 2017 and continuing through the uprisings in 2018, November 2019, and September 2022, the generation driven by rebellion and revolution has demonstrated its steadfast determination to overthrow this regime through relentless uprisings in more than 300 cities, and with numerous martyrs and prisoners.

Every day, we witness the performance, growth, and ascension of this generation through the sacrifices of the Resistance Units across our occupied homeland.

Khamenei’s assessment following the 2022 uprising led him to a desperate attempt, which later manifested in the conflict in Gaza. He publicly proclaimed his decision in Mashhad on March 21, 2023, under the name of the “Resistance Front,” declaring, “We unequivocally announce the Resistance Front.”

This is why we argue that to achieve peace in the region, it’s crucial to target the head of the snake of warmongering. Khamenei remains the sole beneficiary of the suffering endured by the oppressed people in Gaza and the innocent Jewish population. Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian government, stated, “Clearly, his objective is to spill Palestinian blood.”[3]

Consequently, like all dictators in their twilight, the mullahs’ merciless ruler made three strategic blunders: the brutal massacres of November 2019 and the fall of 2022 pushed the conflict between the society and the regime to the point of no return; the reactionary purges within his government rendered it exceptionally fragile; and his decision to embroil the regime in the Middle Eastern conflict has brought it alarmingly close to collapse.

This marks the moment for overthrow and the certainty of its occurrence. Indeed, the dark days of the clerical regime are imminent, and the countdown has begun.

Our Perspectives

Now, the eyes of both the people and history are fixed on the democratic alternative poised to transform the current circumstances. In stark contrast to Khomeini and his historical adherents, who obscure their stances on the most critical political and social matters through deception or defer them to an uncertain future, we are committed to expressing our perspectives with the utmost clarity.

The glorious destination and the society we envision is one liberated from the cultures of both the Shah and the Sheikh, free from tyranny and dependency, emancipated from exploitation and discrimination, and liberated from all forms of imposition and coercion.

We do not seek to replace the current ruling power with another; rather, we aim to transfer this power and governance to its rightful owners—the Iranian people themselves.

The foundation of our six decades of blood-drenched revolutionary struggle and enduring, complex resistance can be encapsulated in three key principles:

Unwavering reliance on the people and their combative spirit in our strategic approach to conflict, embodying the principle that “no one scratches our backs for us,”

Clear delineation from both Shah and Sheikh as the bedrock of a democratic and independent alternative, represented by the National Council of Resistance of Iran,

National solidarity in the overthrow of religious tyranny and the establishment of a democratic republic with the separation of religion from state. In 2022, during that great uprising, the forces of the People’s Front demonstrated their unity and shared action and views under the rallying cry “Death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or the Leader.” Two weeks ago, the regime’s official news agency criticized the PMOI for “wearing the hijab themselves yet championing the removal of the hijab!” [4]

The regime’s pain stems from our declaration, “No to compulsory hijab, no to compulsory religion, and no to compulsory governance,” and our continued stance that women are agents of change and “Woman, Resistance, Freedom.” The dispute between the veiled, the unveiled, or the improperly veiled is a construct fabricated by the clerics, aimed at oppression, division, and intimidation. The women of Iran have indeed spoken out, “With or without the hijab, onward to revolution.”

The Ultimate Answer of the Iranian People

In recent years, the uprisings across Iran have verified both the strategy and the driving forces behind our movement for revolt and regime change. Despite attempts to tarnish the legitimate struggle and resilience of the Iranian people and the valorous progeny of our land with accusations of violence, the hypocrisy is clear when they extol and celebrate figures like Majid Reza Rahnavard, Navid Afkari, and other heroes who punished the regime’s mercenaries.

What greater boon could there be for Khamenei than to paint the resistance against his regime as violent? Is this not the crux of the numerous unjust proceedings documented in thousands of pages against 104 members of the resistance in Tehran over the past year? Certainly, the people of Iran will deliver the final and necessary response to Khamenei the tyrant with the sledgehammer of uprising and overthrow.

MaryamRajavi-FreeIransumit-Iranian people final answer

The Policy of Appeasement: Enabling Regime Terrorism and Repression

Dear friends,

The moribund regime finds itself encircled by Iranian society, yet the policies of Western governments persistently hinge on appeasement. This is why it is crucial to decisively end this policy once and for all.

Reflect upon recent events:

In the United States, they decide to channel more than 100 billion dollars of Iranian assets directly into the regime’s coffers, to facilitate the sale of oil that finances the mullahs’ Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its proxy groups, and to respond to its warmongering with conciliation!

In Belgium, they handed over a bomb-toting terrorist diplomat to the mullahs, despite his admission that the regime would take him back by taking hostages.

In Sweden, a mass murderer, though sentenced to life imprisonment, is swiftly pardoned, and released by the government, only to be feted by the regime with garlands upon his return. Is this not a mockery of law, democracy, and justice?

Our valiant comrades had tirelessly protested and demonstrated for over two years to thwart the Ministry of Intelligence’s schemes in this case, often enduring frigid temperatures of minus 20 degrees amidst snow and blizzards. We salute these supporters of Ashraf-3.

Let me be clear, gentlemen: you may choose to overlook the sacrifice of Iran’s valiant martyrs, but the people of Iran will neither forgive nor forget.

In France too, to appease the regime and at its behest, newspapers fill their pages with fabrications and slander by the agents of the notorious Ministry of Intelligence, under the name of children during the first Persian Gulf War 34 years ago, whose lives were actually saved by the PMOI.

Shortly thereafter, under the pretext of safety and regulations, authorities rush to inspect a building of the supporters of the resistance instead of inspecting the regime’s embassy. Ironically, this very building was targeted twice last year by armed terrorists hired by the regime.

Then, the deputy chief of the regime’s judiciary brazenly acknowledged that they were directly monitoring the operation in this building!

A French newspaper sarcastically commented on this, saying, “So he must have been connected to the body cameras of the French police?!” [5] Lo and behold, it appears the regime was once again receiving incentives for its hostage-taking.

From here, to the governments that pursue the policy of appeasement, I declare:

Gentlemen! This policy emboldens the regime in terrorism, hostage-taking, executions, and suppression. An example is the failed attempt to assassinate Professor Alejo Vidal-Quadras in broad daylight in Madrid last November.

Gentlemen, you have aided this regime get closer to an atomic bomb; you have facilitated Khamenei’s warmongering in the region; and you have emboldened the mullahs to such an extent that even the people of Ukraine voiced outrage.

For years, your media have propagated the falsehood that religious fascism has no alternative and must be tolerated. However, it is impossible to sustain this dying regime and prevent its inevitable downfall.

Fortunately, thousands of MPs and people’s elected representatives from Europe and America have sided with the people of Iran and our declared platform for a free Iran and a democratic republic.

I want to honor the memory of Senator Lieberman, who embodied the fusion of politics with integrity. In one of his speeches, he said, “This regime is criminal. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the people of Iran have the right to revolt against this regime.”

Hail to Senator Lieberman.

Resistance: The Key to Victory

You have emerged proudly from the greatest trial in our history: the struggle against a religious dictatorship. The force of victory and liberation resonates within your will.

As Massoud Rajavi, the leader of the Iranian Resistance, said, “Since June 20, 1981, we have found the legitimacy of our existence, our people, and our revolution in this key formula: we resist in a revolutionary and nationwide manner, paying the highest price.” Indeed, resistance is the legitimate right of oppressed people. Resistance is the force of progress and victory.

Under the grip of brutal repression, resistance is the secret to standing firm, organizing, advancing, rekindling hope, and paving the way to freedom. On this path, your Mojahed children have waged an unprecedented resistance, sacrificing everything to bring about freedom for the people of Iran.

With this hope and faith, I call upon you, my fellow compatriots.

You, the people of Iran who yearn for freedom.

You, brave women who have conquered fear,

And you, rebellious youth who illuminate the dark nights of our homeland with your struggle,

Rise up and create victory through your fight and resistance.

March forward towards the ultimate goal, the goal of freedom and liberation of the people of Iran.

Onwards to the conquest of Tehran and the liberation of Iran.

We can and we must liberate Iran.


[1] Principles 35 and 36 of the amendment to the Constitution of Reza Shah

[2] Principle 57 of the Constitution of the Velayat-e Faqih

[3] Reuters, June 3, 2024

[4] IRNA, June 13, 2024

[5]The French weekly newspaper, Canard Enchaîné, June 19. 2024

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