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14 Sep 2005

Message to the Largest rally in protest to Ahmadinejad

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Message to the Largest rally in protest to Ahmadinejad

Supporters and sympathizers of the Resistance

Greetings to all of you who have arisen in unison, jubilant and resolute, in the face of the murderous representative of the religious dictatorship ruling Iran.

I salute your resolve and dignity in keeping up your struggle.

You have gathered to convey the outcries of the Iranian people to the rest of the World.

A nation whose children are present everywhere to block the path of the enemy of freedom and to uproot this regime is undoubtedly capable of attaining freedom and democracy and is worthy of taking control of its own destiny.

The presence of Ahmadinejad at the United Nations Headquarters has distressed the conscience of people across the world and is a great affront to the Iranian nation and the world community.

What is the world’s sole terrorist state doing in the United Nations, the seat of friendship and fraternity among nations?

Why has the representative of a regime that has practically occupied a part of its neighbor been accepted at the United Nations, the home to coexistence and peace among nations?

Why is the presence of a regime, whose leaders as war criminals that must be prosecuted in international tribunals for perpetrating crimes against humanity, is allowed at the UN Headquarters?

I ask heads of state and world leaders who have come together at the UN,

How long more are you going to tolerate this inhuman regime which has trampled upon all international laws among the family of nations?
How long more are you going to accept this medieval regime whose presence as a member state of the UN is contrary to the UN Charter?
How long more are you going to allow the mullahs’ regime to violate all provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, make a mockery of all international covenants, but continue to remain a member of the international community?
The Iranian people demand the immediate expulsion of the mullahs’ regime from the United Nations. The International community must respect this demand.

Exactly five years ago, when Mohammad Khatami came to the UN Headquarters as the mullahs’ President, I said in a message addressed to the protest rally held by my fellow Iranians in New York, that Khatami’s ideas and actions were based on the principle of the velayat-e faqih (absolute supremacy of clerical rule) and imposters like him, who carried out the massacre of political prisoners and usurped the Iranian nation’s right to sovereignty, never represented Iran and the Iranian people.

Those warnings have now come to an end. At the end of the 16-year reign of Rafsanjani and Khatami, it is crystal clear that the clerical regime cannot and will never be reformed. Do we not see that the policy of appeasement which sought to moderate this regime through economic and political incentives has led to major catastrophes?

Instead of becoming moderate, the mullahs have appointed a notorious terrorist as President and formed a cabinet consisting of the most infamous henchmen, declaring war on the Iranian people and the world community;
They have stepped up repression inside the country;
They have expanded terrorism and kidnappings;
They have escalated their meddling in Iraq;
They have breached their agreements with the European countries over the nuclear program and are taking the final steps to arm themselves with atomic weapons.

These are the catastrophic results of the policy of appeasement, for which all European governments and the United States are at fault. For this reason, the Iranian people ask leaders of Europe and America,

Why did you turned a blind eye to the tragic abuse of human rights in Iran?
Why did you give in to shelving Iran’s appalling human rights file at the UN Human Rights Commission?
Why did you keep silent on thousands of grievances raised by the Resistance about the regime’s atrocious crimes?

You are indeed responsible for sending the Iranian people, especially women, youngsters and minors, to torture chambers and gallows.

Why did you include the name of the pivotal force in the Resistance in your terrorist lists. In doing so, you helped prolong the mullahs’ barbaric dictatorship.
Why did you open the path to terrorism and fundamentalism? You bear heavy responsibility in the advancement of this ogre which has spread its ominous shadow on the people of Iraq and the region as a whole.
Why did you not pay heed to the warnings of the Iranian Resistance vis-à-vis the regime’s nuclear programs? Why did you agree to call the People’s Mojahedin terrorist in return for the mullahs abandoning nuclear arms? Why did you indulge in useless three-year negotiations with the mullahs? The main beneficiary of the talks was the mullahs who completed their nuclear projects. You played an obvious role in helping this regime get closer to nuclear weapons.

Why have you left idle the files on the regime’s terrorist crimes that have victimized citizens of Europe and America?

Was the role of the Iranian regime’s leaders not established definitively in the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Beirut, the bombings in Argentina and Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia? Why did you cover it up and maintained silence about it?

Allow me to reiterate that there no longer exists any justification to continue the policy of appeasement and there are no excuses to preserve the mullahs’ regime.

Long-term dialogue with and appeasement of the mullahs has created a perilous situation. From now on, any policy that would include compromise and continue in any form and fashion would engulf the entire region in war and chaos and leave irreparable consequences.

The political situation and the tug-of-war between the Iranian people and Resistance on the one hand and the clerical dictatorship on the other have passed through a landmark turning point that has pushed the regime closer to a showdown. For this reason, Khamenei decided on the policy of contracting the regime and creating a defensive shield around his crisis-riddled regime. The Iranian Resistance warns against underestimating the consequences of the mullahs being on a war footing. This policy is endangering global security and peace.

The correct, realistic and lasting option is democratic change in Iran.

Did you not see that by handing over the presidency to a terrorist and dashing any illusion about reducing or containing terrorism and fundamentalism, the regime eliminated any basis for the policy of appeasement? Did you not see that the policy of appeasement fell apart completely? Did you not see that foreign war and intervention could not be the solution to the Iranian problem? Thus, this turning point again attested to the veracity and correctness of the third option. This option is within reach and is a response to the burning desire of 70 million Iranians for freedom and democracy. The Iranian people and their organized Resistance have the capacity and capability to make realize change.

In recent weeks, European and US leaders have warned about the clerical regime’s objectives in pursuing nuclear projects and demanded that Tehran’s nuclear file be referred to the United Nations Security Council. The Iranian people welcome this referral. We welcome any step toward decisiveness vis-à-vis the mullahs’ regime.

However, the reaction by Europe and the United States is not commensurate with the clerical regime being on war footing, its dangerous grab to obtain nuclear weapons and efforts to dominate Iraq. If the process of referring Iran’s nuclear file to the Security Council is not sufficiently expedited, the mullahs would use this situation as a respite to take the final steps toward procuring nuclear weapons.

Addressing the problems this regime poses in the Security Council should not be confined to the nuclear issue. The file on the massacre of political prisoners in 1988, the chain murders and terrorist crimes outside Iran must be judged one by one by the international community.

The Iranian Resistance calls for imposing an oil embargo on the clerical regime. The mullahs must be asked what they have done with 1,000 billion dollars of oil revenues in the past 26 years. They have used the oil revenues and the Iran’s wealth against the Iranian nation. They have auctioned away the Iranian people’s wealth or spent it on exporting terrorism and fundamentalism. The clerical dictatorship must be denied the oil revenues that help preserve its rule.

Indeed, the mullahs must be prevented from obtaining nuclear weapons. The mullahs must be forced to abandon floggings and executions. They must be denied the oil revenues.

The Iranian people demand a halt to any assistance to the ruling theocracy. All restrictive pressures imposed on the Iranian nation and its resistance that sought to preserve this regime must be ended.

The inclusion of the Mojahedin in the terrorist lists of the US and Europe is the most important restriction these countries have applied on the Iranian people and their Resistance.

If the international community is no longer interested in siding with this regime as it tries to strangle the Iranian people, if it is no longer interested in sharing in the suppression of the Iranian nation, it must remove this unjust label.

The terror label against the Iranian Resistance movement is the hallmark of the policy of appeasement toward the mullahs’ regime. Now that the policy of strengthening the bogus moderates within the regime has failed miserably this label has to be removed.

Maintaining the terror label against the Mojahedin was one of the provisions of the Paris agreement between the EU-3 and the mullahs’ regime. Did you not see that the agreement collapsed and the mullahs did not give up their drive to acquire nuclear weapons? Thus, the unwarranted terror label must be cast aside.

Let me emphasize that the revocation of this label is the most important sign that the policy of appeasement has ended. Otherwise, the policy would continue to preserve the regime.

My fellow Iranians,

The Iranian people’s Resistance is the strongest barrier that has encircled the mullahs’ regime. Greetings to all Resistance’s activists and combatants and to the heartland of perseverance, the bastion of Iran‘s freedom, Ashraf City.

You are the representatives and standard bearers of a nation whose steadfastness and uncompromising stance have plunged the regime into crisis.

It is the Iranian people’s organized Resistance that has threatened the regime’s existence. You are its enthusiastic supporters and sympathizers.

At this time, it is again you who will be shaping the future with the great desire to liberate the Iranian nation.

It is you who will be shaping the destiny of the Iranian nation.

The enchained nation is looking up to you, selfless women and men whose glaring faith will over come any obstacle. They are looking to you, whose resolve will bring down the ruling theocracy.

This oppression and injustice is not worthy of our people. The Iranian people deserve freedom and justice. The Iranian nation’s perseverance will overcome the darkness. Freedom will triumph.

May God bless you all

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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