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03 Jan 2018

Maryam Rajavi: I urge my compatriots to join the nationwide quest for freedom

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Maryam Rajavi: I urge my compatriots to join the nationwide quest for freedom

Fellow protesters!
Courageous sons and daughters of Iran!
You have lit up Iran’s cities with the flames of struggle for freedom and justice.
I commend you for shaking the earth underneath the mullahs’ rotten regime.
Thousands of salutes to those martyred in Doroud, Tuyserkan, Noorabad, Izeh, Shahinshahr, Ghahdarijan, Homayounshahr and Jouyabad of Isfahan!
You have brought the nation closer to realizing the dreams that have been suppressed for over 100 years.
You have proven that it is indeed possible to liberate Iran from the yoke of a religious dictatorship.
The nations of the Middle East, from Syria to Iraq and Afghanistan, those who have suffered tremendously as a result of the mullahs’ oppression and theocratic regime, are praying for your victory.
The world’s freedom lovers have put their hopes in you, and the world hears your voice.
Governments and international organizations have come out one after the other to support and praise your uprising.
The nation’s martyrs, including the heroes and heroines of the 1980s, the political prisoners massacred in 1988, the martyrs of the 2009 uprising and the martyrs of Ashraf, have set their sights on you.
You are the historical children of Sattar Khan, Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq, and Mohammad Hanifnejad.
And your uprising will revive and rekindle Iran’s honor and pride.
Today, Khamenei and his cohorts have resorted to issuing threats against you.
They flaunt their criminal record.
They mobilize their military forces to counter the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising.
Their so-called “reformist” and “moderate” proxies, who have stopped at nothing to provide services to the mullahs’ religious fascism, have now removed their masks and are urging the suppression of freedom-loving people.
They grab at any straw to prevent throngs of people from joining your ranks.
Behind such threats, however, the regime is twisting and turning out of enormous fear.
Despite its hollow show of force, the clerical regime is a paper tiger and will not withstand your uprising.
Because you are the decisive power.
You are the countless and your numbers will grow every single day.
When you join hands and enthusiastically unite, your iron resolve will conquer any adversarial power.
The mullahs think that they can contain your upheaval and stop its expansion by blocking access to internet services and social media. But they do not know and cannot understand that it is your common pain and suffering that bond your hearts and spread the message of resistance and action everywhere. And this is how cities rise up one after the other.
I call on all my fellow compatriots to rise up and join the roaring tide of freedom lovers across the country.
My fellow countrymen in Baluchistan, Kurdistan, Khuzistan, Azerbaijan and Lorestan,
My dear Bakhtiari, Turkoman and Ghashghaii compatriots,
Fellow Sunni countrymen,
Fellow countrymen who live in villages, suburbs and shanty towns across the country,
this uprising belongs to you.
Your children have risen up and are now engaged in the most decisive battle destined to turn the darkest page in Iran’s history. Rush to their aid!
Fellow compatriots, my dear sisters and brothers,
Do not abandon the protesters and the army of the deprived and plundered people. Do not leave them alone in the streets. Now is the time for workers, farmers, bazaar merchants, government employees, teachers, physicians, nurses, university professors, and all other social sectors to support them. This is an uprising that belongs to the freedom-loving and enchained people of Iran.
Do not lose a single opportunity to support and join the courageous women and men who fight on the streets and risk all kinds of danger.
Stage sit-ins and strikes anywhere you can, in the factories and offices and at every work place, so that the world can see the general public’s protest against the mullahs’ detested rule in Iran and hear the voice of our nation.
As Massoud Rajavi said, “Iran and its enchained people have risen up and the dawn is near.”
His messages, these days, provide the best and clearest practical guidelines.
Your uprising is an uprising for freedom, democracy, equality, and separation of religion and state;
This is an uprising for social justice;
And this is a movement that will carry on until final victory.
God bless the people of Iran,
Long live freedom!

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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