03 Nov 2023

Message to the Freedom-Loving Iranians’ Rally outside the UN HQ in Geneva

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Message to the Freedom-Loving Iranians’ Rally outside the UN HQ in Geneva

Maryam Rajavi: The imposed chairing of the UNHRC Social Forum by the criminal clerical regime constitutes a moral failure for the United Nations

Fellow compatriots, and honorable supporters of the Iranian Resistance,
I salute you all for gathering to voice your anger against the forced chairing of the UN Human Rights Council’s Social Forum by a representative of a regime associated with executions and massacres!
Your firm protest against appointing one of Iran’s ruling murderers to head a United Nations-affiliated institution echoes the voice of the Iranian people’s uprising and resistance.
To those involved in appeasement and those who trample human rights and the historical achievements of the contemporary world, we say, Rest assured! No deals can save a regime, that solely relies on torture and carnage, from inevitable overthrow.
The United Nations, born out of the world’s outrage and sorrow following the immense pain and bloodshed during the two world wars in the past century, is today shamed by the presence of the clerical regime within its human rights institutions. These institutions are being compromised under the shadow of tyranny.
This represents a moral failure on the part of the UN and the international community, particularly given that neither the UN, the Security Council, nor its member states have held the regime accountable for the execution of 120,000 of Iran’s finest children.
Thirty-five years after the massacre of 30,000 PMOI and other political prisoners, there has been no progress in prosecuting the regime’s leaders for genocide and crimes against humanity.
The stains of the blood of 750 victims killed during the 2022 uprising and 1,500 youths and teenagers killed during the 2019 uprising are still fresh on the walls of Iranian cities and prisons.
However, we see that except for transient verbal reactions, the international community has shown no effective reaction to stop these crimes.
Isn’t this regime the world’s top record holder of executions? Isn’t state terrorism known by the name of this regime? Isn’t it true that the mullahs’ regime has committed major terrorist crimes all around the world, from Latin America to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East?
Those who have appointed Khamenei’s ambassador as the chair of the UNHRC’s Social Forum, what is their answer for this shameful decision?
Those who succumbed to the disgrace of participating in this session and did not raise objections, what is their justification in response to the millions of people who founded the ideal of human rights with sacrifice and excruciating hardships?

Green light for torture and carnage

As stated in the open letter of 180 NGOs, human rights advocates, judges, and Nobel laureates, “Appointing the representative of such a regime as the Chair of the Human Rights Council’s Social Forum will be seen by the clerical regime as a green light for more torture and killing.”
Some have justified this disgraceful appointment as a rotational regional shift based on the United Nations’ procedures. The answer of the Iranian people and all advocates of human rights to them is “Shame on you!”
Indeed, how is it possible for such a bloodthirsty regime to find such a status in the UN cycle of affairs? Really, why should this regime enjoy the privileges of the UN while it does not answer to any of the United Nations’ procedures and modus operandi?
Regarding the recent proliferation of sanctions packages, it must be acknowledged that, in practice, they prove ineffective for the people of Iran, while granting the mullahs fresh political and commercial advantages. However, the time for this hypocritical game has come to an end. As a result of the incentives offered to the mullahs for years, Khamenei’s missiles and drones are today setting the Middle East and Ukraine on fire.

Today, the world mourns the immense bloodshed on both sides of the war that started nearly a month ago in the Middle East.

Ali Khamenei, whose regime is the root cause of this dreadful disaster, appears content with the ongoing bloodshed. He calls for mobilization and claims victory. In an effort to evade being overthrown, he has used the Palestinian issue as a shield against the uprising.

I reiterate and emphasize that the primary obstacle to peace and coexistence is the belligerent religious fascism in Iran, and it must be the main target.
Appeasement with this regime has failed. The clerical regime will inevitably crumble in the face of the Iranian people’s uprising and the Freedom Army. This day will be a moment of shame for all those who contributed to the erosion of universal human values.
No more affronts to the cause of human rights and no more insults to the Iranian people who thirst for freedom. The clerical regime must be ousted from the UN institutions, and its leaders prosecuted for committing genocide and crimes against humanity.

God bless the martyrs,
Long live the people of Iran.

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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