16 Apr 2024

Message to U.S. House Briefing

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Message to U.S. House Briefing

Maryam Rajavi : It is time for Khamenei and his regime to be accountable for forty years of warmongering

Honorable Representatives, Dear Friends,
I would like to express my gratitude to Congressman Randy Weber and your other bipartisan colleagues for organizing this meeting.
I also wish to commend the valuable initiative of the representatives in introducing a new resolution in the House of Representatives. This resolution offers a correct solution to the Iranian problem as well as supporting the PMOI members at Ashraf 3.

A Turning Point in Middle East Developments

The recent escalation of the regime’s warmongering is a turning point, which proves:
First, the head of the snake of warmongering is in Tehran.
Second, it showed that this regime is the principal party to the war.
Third, as the Iranian Resistance has emphasized repeatedly, the overthrow of this regime by the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance is essential for peace in the region.
By warmongering, Khamenei is attempting to divert attention from the terrible situation of the regime within Iran. However, the regime has received blows one after another.
He wanted to use the sham election of last month to cover up the growing social discontent. Nevertheless, with the widespread elections boycott by the people, he failed.
Khamenei and his regime have also failed in confronting the increasing anger and protests of the Iranian people.
In recent months, young rebels have targeted the regime’s facilities and oppressive authorities.
Khamenei’s recent measures highlights several issues that are the result of the regime’s critical situation. These measures are:
He ordered the judiciary to intensify the repression of women to enforce mandatory hijab laws.
He has urged regime agents in universities to keep a watch on students and increase their repression.
By referring to the governments in the region as enemies of his regime, Khamenei has openly threatened not to allow them to govern.
Finally, he has declared the IRGC’s proxy forces in the region as “one of the most vital issues” that should be “made stronger more and more day by day.”
To avoid being overthrown, Khamenei executed at least 864 people in 2023.

The Real Solution vis-a-vis the Clerical Regime

It’s time for everyone to open their eyes to the real solution as well—the same solution that you, honorable representatives, have offered in your new bipartisan resolution.
In the 2022 uprising, the people of Iran expressed their desire to reject all forms of dictatorship, whether it be the Shah or the mullahs. Therefore, the NCRI ’s aim is to establish a democratic republic.

The only solution to prevent the regime from obtaining an atomic bomb is the overthrow of the regime by the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance.
For many years, we warned that appeasement would lead to war. Today, a war that we could avoid has put on fire the Middle East.
Now appeasing this regime means submitting to the mullahs’ warmongering and nuclear ambitions.
This is what you, the representatives of the American people, and the European people’s representatives have warned about but unfortunately, western governments continued their policy of appeasement.
It is time for Khamenei and his regime to be accountable for forty years of warmongering.
The policy of appeasement must be ended.
The urgent and necessary measures to be adopted include the use of the snapback mechanism to revive the UN Security Council’s Resolutions against the mullahs’ regime’s nuclear program and imposing comprehensive sanctions against this regime.

Today the clerical regime is confronted with the most significant and fundamental threat to its existence that is the determination of the Iranian people to rise up and overthrow the regime, coupled with the presence of an organized resistance capable of leading this struggle to victory.
Now is the right moment for the solution outlined in your resolution to be adopted as the official policy of the US and Europe towards Iran.

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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