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16 Mar 2023

Message to the US Senate meeting in support of the Iranian people’s uprising for freedom

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Message to the US Senate meeting in support of the Iranian people’s uprising for freedom

Honorable members of the United States Senate,
Respected personalities,
Senator Lieberman, General Jones, Ambassador Bolton,
Ambassador Dobrianski, and Ambassador Bloomfield,

I am pleased to see you today to celebrate Nowruz, the start of the Iranian New Year.
Your presence sends an encouraging message to the people of Iran, especially the women and youth who took to the streets in recent months to protest against the regime, demanding regime change.

To discourage the people, the regime’s propaganda in Iran suggests that people of Iran are isolated and international community only deals with the regime.
Your presence in this event in support of the Iranian people’s demand for change, and the House Resolution 100 supported by 225 members is a blow to this propaganda.

In Iranian poems and myths, Nowruz and spring mean defeating winter.
The people of Iran view Nowruz as a symbol of freedom for which they have sacrificed much in recent months.
Today, the concept of freedom is at the center of a confrontation between two opposing sides.
On one side is the Iranian people and on the other side is the regime and its supporters with sole aim of suppressing the uprising to keep the regime in power.

The regime is using brutal suppression, such as killing hundreds of young protesters, executing political prisoners, and torture, to crush the uprising.
They also poisoned thousands of female students to achieve this goal. Khamenei wants to take revenge and terrorize the society.

Despite suppression, other forms of resistance, like destroying regime symbols, have increased.
Tuesday night, at the traditional Festival of fire in Iran despite regime’s brutal suppression, people burned symbols of the regime and showed their determination and anger against the mullahs and their desire to bring freedom to Iran.

The events of the last six months have shown that the people of Iran want to change the regime, but change is impossible without an organized, fighting force.
This is where the Resistance Units come in, and their role is crucial.

The regime is spreading disinformation in Iran and abroad to hinder the progress of the main Iranian force for change, that is echoed by the remnants of the former regime to promote the demonization project.

They also attempted to prevent US House of representatives from supporting Resolution 100 by using various false claims but failed. Despite their efforts, as I said the resolution was backed by 225 representatives.

The Iranian regime is trying to convince people in Iran that foreign governments are trying to bring back the previous dictatorship to Iran. They are doing this to discourage the people from continuing their protests. This matter is serious for the Iranian people who overthrew the Shah’s regime in a popular revolution. One of their main slogans is “death to the oppressor,” be it the Shah or the mullahs’ leader.

That is why Resolution 100 and the support of American representatives for the Iranian people’s desire for a democratic republic based on the separation of religion and the state neutralize the regime’s plots.

Distinguished senators and personalities,
The Western governments’ policy of appeasement is another obstacle for the Iranian people’s uprising. Although they publicly support the uprising, they are actually allowing the regime to sell oil.
They speak out against oppression, but do not support the terrorist designation of the IRGC, which is the main force of repression. This policy will have harmful effects on the Iranian people’s uprising.

Despite all, protests are ongoing in different cities for various reasons, and the situation is more explosive than ever. The situation cannot go back to how it was before the protests started last September.

The recent uprising is not just a passing event, but deeply-rooted. In the fight against the mullahs, 120,000 people have lost their lives, including 30,000 political prisoners who were massacred in 1988. Ninety percent of them were MEK members and supporters.
This huge loss of life is the price that the Iranian people paid for freedom, and it is one of the significant factors that continue to encourage the protests.

Speaking on behalf of the Iranian people’s Resistance, I urge the honorable members of the United States Senate to support the Iranian people’s desires expressed through their slogans.
To achieve this, I suggest a special initiative that includes the following:

1. Reactivate six UN Security Council resolutions to prevent the regime’s efforts to obtain nuclear weapons. The regime’s nuclear negotiations are just a tactic to buy time.
2. End the activities of the Iranian regime’s supporters and lobbies in the United States.
3. Impose comprehensive sanctions against the regime and its affiliated organizations, and stop the regime’s use of American markets, companies, and universities.
4. Recognize the legitimacy of the Iranian people’s struggle to overthrow the regime and acknowledge the right of Iranian youth to self-defense against the Revolutionary Guards.

Thank you all very much.

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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