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17 Oct 2022

Message to the rally of freedom-loving Iranians in Luxembourg concurrent with the meeting of the EU Council of Minister

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Message to the rally of freedom-loving Iranians in Luxembourg concurrent with the meeting of the EU Council of Minister

“Iran will be liberated only by the hands and will of its people.”

Fellow compatriots and courageous supporters of the Iranian Resistance,
You, who have gathered here to support your people’s blood-drenched uprising!
You are here to convey the Iranian people’s demand to the European Union ministers, which is overthrowing the entire religious dictatorship. And you want to ask them to stand by the Iranian people in these circumstances.

The stormy uprising of our courageous nation, powerful and determined, has entered its second month.
Our nation has sacrificed 120,000 lives on the path to freedom. The hearts of our people are filled with the pain and suffering of successive generations of Iranian women. And now, they have risen to turn the dark page of our country’s history.
Let us salute the prisoners whose cries of “Death to the dictator” crossed the thick walls of Evin to join the chants of their fellow compatriots all over Iran.
Let us salute the prisoners whose endurance and resistance in the face of the IRGC’s barbaric attack at Evin have given new momentum to the uprising. They showed that Evin remains a bastion of struggle and resistance as it has been for the past fifty some years.
Let us salute the hundreds of dedicated sons and daughters of Iran who laid down their lives for freedom in this uprising against the mullahs’ tyranny!
Let us salute the courageous mothers who loudly say they are proud of their children’s martyrdom on the path to Iran’s freedom!

Iran has risen up

Once Massoud [Rajavi, the leader of the Iranian Resistance,] said: If Iran rises, the world will rise to support it.
Today look at how the world has risen to praise and admire a rebellious Iran.
For 40 years, Iranian women were flogged and humiliated. Their rights and freedoms were trampled, and tens of thousands of vanguard women from the PMOI/MEK were tortured and executed. Now, they have risen up not only to liberate themselves but also to liberate the whole of Iran.
Now, the students and courageous youths in various cities are shouting, “don’t call it a protest; it is a revolution.”

For years, you and your resistance have promoted, with great suffering, the strategy of Resistance Units to crack the wall of repression and prepare the ground for the uprisings.
The rebellious youth and protesters in 190 cities across Iran are now multiplying their Resistance Units and following up on the PMOI’s strategy.
For years, the misogynist regime had tortured and killed women from the PMOI/MEK and other dissident groups in its dungeons. It executed the brave PMOI girls during the 1988 massacre. In this way, the regime thought it could forever prevent Iranian women from taking their destiny into their own hands.

No compulsory veil, no compulsory religion, no compulsory government

Today, Iranian women have proven their worthy place at the forefront of the uprising and struggle against the regime. They have shown that the goal of their struggle and sacrifice goes far beyond any specific demand. They want to bring down the mullahs’ rule of coercion so that Iranian women and men can achieve all their individual and social freedoms, including the freedom of choosing their attire.
The goal is to bring down the regime of compulsory religion. As the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) announced 40 years ago, everyone should be free to choose their beliefs and religion based on the principle of separation of religion and state.
And yes, we repeat: No to the compulsory veil, no to the compulsory religion, no to the compulsory regime.

And we are fighting with all our might to establish a democratically elected republic.
We want to establish a republic based on the people’s vote, free elections, and gender equality. This republic defends the autonomy of oppressed ethnic groups within the framework of Iran’s unity and territorial integrity.
Our Baluch, Kurd, and Arab compatriots, in step with our people in the North, South, Center, East, and West, have shown their brilliant solidarity on the ground.

Our duties

Friends and compatriots who have gathered in Luxembourg,
Iranians who are away from your homeland,
Iran will only be liberated by the hands and will of its people. And your hands and will can do many things.
Every day ask yourself what you can do to help the courageous youths in Iran.
The regime’s vicious crime in Evin prison showed that the lives of the Iranian people’s children are at grave risk.
The head of the mullahs’ Judiciary emphasized to his judges to avoid “unnecessary sympathy and weak sentences for the main elements” of the uprisings. He thus issued the instruction to kill those arrested during the protests.
The clerical regime is on its last leg, and Khamenei must not be allowed to repeat the tragedy of the massacre of prisoners.
I commend you for rushing out at night in many countries. In step with your people in Iran, you let everyone know of your concern about the prisoners’ lives.
You should knock on every door to save the lives of at least 20,000 detained youths.
You should expose the shocking sexual assaults on women by plainclothes agents and security forces and reveal the ugly face of the misogynistic mullahs.

The international community’s obligations

We call on the United Nations and all governments, especially the European Union, whose Council of Ministers met today in Luxembourg, to take concrete, practical steps to stop the arrests and killings of Iranian protesters:
1- Designate the entire IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence as terrorist entities, expel their agents and operatives, and revoke their passports;
2- Recognize the Iranian people’s right to self-defense vis-a-vis the crimes of the mullahs’ regime; recognize their right to struggle to overthrow the religious dictatorship and establish democracy and human rights;
3- Take urgent measures to free all political prisoners and prevent further executions and killings, imposing comprehensive sanctions on the regime, severing all economic and diplomatic relations with Tehran, and closing down the regime’s embassies;
4- Refer to the UN Security Council, the clerical regime’s dossier of four decades of genocide and crimes against humanity, including the 1988 and 2019 massacres, and bring the regime’s leaders, including Khamenei and Raisi, to justice.

Yes, the time has come to eradicate the ogre of fundamentalism.
The Iranian people’s democratic revolution will succeed!
Hail to you all.

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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