20 Mar 2023

Message to Iranians and courageous supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Belgium

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Message to Iranians and courageous supporters of the Iranian Resistance in Belgium

Maryam Rajavi: Today’s gathering demonstrates the Iranian people’s will to have Khamenei’s IRGC designated as terrorist

Greetings to you and all the dignitaries and supporters of the Iranian Resistance who are present in this rally, Mr. Patrick Kennedy and Senator Torricelli,

Dear compatriots and brave supporters of the Iranian Resistance,
I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to you all and all protesters on the occasion of Nowruz and the beginning of the Persian New Year 1402.

In step with the Iranian protesters who turned the streets into battlefields, you have brought your celebration, fight, and uprising to the streets of Brussels in the heart of Europe. You have created a beautiful tradition for the upcoming year for all Iranians and freedom-lovers devoted to the freedom of the Iranian people and global peace and security.

I salute you, members, and sympathizers of the Resistance. Your fight and your celebration go hand in hand, and together they represent a loud outcry against the mullahs’ oppressive regime.

Similar to struggle and resistance, the spirit of these traditions is innovation and prosperity, transformation and rebellion against darkness, and nurturing all human values.

Through your sacrifices and your unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom, you have become the torchbearers of Iran’s national traditions and linked them with the popular resistance, creating powerful scenes that highlight your determination to defeat the ruling mullahs. And that is what you have done today.

Your message is clear: Iran’s social and political spring and Nowruz can only blossom through struggle and uprising.

Foiling conspiracies against a democratic Iran

You began the New Year with protests and rebellion against Khamenei’s criminal regime. And you have come together to establish the will of the Iranian people: to urge the European Union to designate Khamenei’s ruthless Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist entity.

Through your persistent and glorious rallies, marches, and demonstrations in support of the Iran uprising and a democratic republic, you have conveyed the voice of the Iranian people to the world in the past month. From Paris to Munich, from the International Women’s Day conference in Brussels to the march and summit in Washington, D.C., and your rally today, you have made it clear what the main goals and slogans of the Iranian people are.

In doing so, you have defeated the conspiracies and schemes by the regime and its apologists abroad.

In the year 1401 and especially in the second half of it, with an impressive capacity through a tireless and continuous campaign, and in step with protesters and defiant youths inside Iran, you made the slogan of “Death to the oppressor, be it the Shah or the Leader” global. This slogan blocks the path to tyranny and dependency.

Through your efforts, you have made it clear that the nationalistic and historical demarcation of “no shah, no mullah” is the inviolable red line of the Iranian Resistance, which all of you staunchly defend.

I salute you courageous supporters of the Iranian Resistance for your unwavering efforts.

How has Khamenei’s criminal regime responded?

Dear fellow compatriots,
In recent days, the cries of “death to the child-killing regime” can be heard across many cities in Iran, exposing the evil conspiracy by Khamenei and his IRGC to poison high school girls. Khamenei remained silent for 100 days before finally saying, “This matter must be dealt with seriously.”
But do you realize the demagoguery of his statement? Khamenei orders the crime, coordinates it, and carries it with his IRGC, and then calls for the issue to be pursued. Meanwhile, his Judiciary and other repressive agencies continue to harass individuals who have risen up to protest, blaming them for ‘causing’ commotion.
So, what is the answer to a regime that will stop at nothing to evade being overthrown?
The answer lies in the organized protests, demonstrations, and uprisings, led by the Resistance Units, and the Iranian people’s great Army of Freedom.

Meanwhile, the pseudo-solutions propped up by the interests opposed to those of the nation use the remnants of the toppled dictatorial regime, and those defecting the regime ranks to stage their theatrics.

This political and social bankruptcy, as well as international disgrace, which has gripped the front of tyranny and dependence, is a result of the achievements of the Iranian people, uprising, and the Resistance movement.
Neither these charades, nor compromises with the regime, nor attempts to appease them will save Khamenei from being overthrown.

As Massoud Rajavi, the Leader of the Iranian Resistance, has said, “There is no going back to the previous balance of power, and time does not go back. The regime has fallen into the trap of overthrow, and whichever way it turns, there is no way out.”
The protestors and rebels of this land are the ones shaping Iran’s destiny. They are determined to defy all dictatorships and coercion, overthrow religious tyranny, and replace it with freedom and emancipation.

EU’s miscalculation

Dear compatriots,
Today, you have once again gathered in Brussels to ask the European Union why it continues to pursue a decadent policy of appeasement towards the mullahs at the expense of the Iranian people’s interests.
Let me address them directly and repeat: if they think that refraining from designating the IRGC as a terrorist organization will result in the mullahs abandoning their nuclear bomb-making project, they are gravely mistaken.

The IRGC is the clerical regime’s main tool for implementing its criminal policies both domestically and abroad. The Revolutionary Guards are the ones who engage in carnage on the streets all across Iran. They blind people, shoot down passenger airliners, and have killed, injured, and displaced millions of people in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen.

The warmongering reach of the IRGC extends beyond European borders, and its terrorism has even reached the United States. Despite this, you continue to delay the terrorist designation of the IRGC. Delaying this task will only provide more opportunities for the mullahs to continue and escalate their suppression and belligerence.

We call on the European Union to stop sending political and financial aid to the enemy of the Iranian people instead of verbal expressions of sympathy with the people of Iran.
It is time to take action and shut down the regime’s embassies. The EU must end its deals with the regime and expel the operatives of the mullahs’ IRGC and MOIS from its borders.

The Iranian people and their courageous youth have the right to defend themselves against the IRGC and to overthrow the regime. The international community must recognize this right.

The prospects for a Free Iran

Our people have made their final say clear in Iran’s rebellious cities during the uprising and during the Feast of Fire festivities on the last Tuesday of the Iranian year. From Tehran to the valiant Kurdistan, from the courageous Zahedan to Tabriz, Karaj, Lorestan, Azerbaijan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan, and all across the country, they have declared that the ruling criminal mullahs must get lost.
They say no to the Shah, no to the mullahs, and no to tyranny and dependency. The regime’s overthrow, a revolution, and a bright future for Iran and all Iranians are what await us.

These are the prospects for a free Iran.
– An Iran where people are not hungry and deprived of their basic needs.
– A free Iran with liberated men and women, youths, students, high school students, and blossoming of children.
– Justice and equal opportunities for workers, educators, employees, nurses, farmers, and pensioners.
– Freedom of expression and opinion, free choice of clothing, freedom of parties, associations, and religions.
– Autonomy for all Iranian ethnic groups, and abolishment of discriminations against them.
– A clean and flourishing environment.
– And disbandment and dismantling of all agencies in charge of coercion, oppression, censorship, and inquisition.

My pledge and our pledge are a free Iran, green, white, and red (the colors of the Iranian flag), proud and happy.
I congratulate all my fellow citizens on the New Year 1402, the year to prepare for the final battle. I urge them to rise up and free Iran.
Happy Nowruz to all!

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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