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23 Jun 2023

Maryam Rajavi meets with former presidents and prime ministers in Paris

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Maryam Rajavi meets with former presidents and prime ministers in Paris

Following the conference declaring the International Initiative for Policy on Iran, Maryam Rajavi met with a group of former presidents and prime ministers on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

Ms. Yulia Tymoshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine (2007-2010), Messrs. Andrej Kiska, President of Slovakia (2014-2019), Fernando Quiroga Ramírez, President of Bolivia (1997-2001), Matteo Renzi, Prime Minister of Italy (2014-2016), Guy Verhofstadt, Prime Minister of Belgium (1999-2008), Jaume Bartumeu Cassany, Prime Minister of Andorra (2009-2011), and Messrs. Alejo Vidal Quadras and Struan Stevenson participated in the meeting.

Mrs. Rajavi explained the developments on the Iran uprising and the situation of the Iranian regime. She said, “The clerical regime is in a precarious situation. It has lost all its assets, and is going through its terminal stage. For this reason, any investment in the regime is doomed to fail. The policy of appeasement is more harmful than ever. Politicians who are closely familiar with the regime have experienced the futility of this policy.”

Addressing the former world leaders, she added, “A missing link that has caused much confusion and major mistakes in the international community’s policies towards the Iranian regime, is their failure to account for the Iranian people and Resistance in the Iranian equation and the developments in Iran. This is why they are always caught by surprise.”

Ms. Tymoshenko said your 10-Point Plan is worth to sacrifice everything for it. This is what you do. I very well know of the strength of Iranian women and their worthy role in bringing about change.

Mr. Guy Verhofstadt said, moderates and reformists in this (Iranian) regime should deceive no one. It has been a long time since everyone has understood this. We in the West have gone beyond these issues. These terms no longer have any meaning. We must take new steps towards a correct policy.

Mr. Andrej Kiska also noted the Iranian people’s uprising and women’s prominent role in it, and said, the most important thing in the uprising was the role of Iranian women.

Mr. Vidal Quadras said I am on the regime’s blacklist. This is a valuable badge of honor for me. Of course, it is ridiculous that I cannot use my bank accounts in Iran and I cannot travel to Iran because of these sanctions. I tell the mullahs, ‘Don’t worry! Soon, after your overthrow, we will celebrate in Iran.’

Mr. Fernando Quiroga noted the regime’s terrorist activities in Latin America. He said, When Ahmadinejad came to my country, I asked what does he have to do with our country? Then I found out that the regime was involved in slaughter in Argentina, and in the expansion of Hezbollah and terrorist cells in other Latin American countries. In fact, we must stand up against the relations and ties among dictatorial countries. I envy Mr. Verhofstadt and Mr. Vidal, because I did not get such a badge of honor. I think I should work more to deserve such designations.



Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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