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12 Feb 2024

Maryam Rajavi Meets with Alain Néri and Michel Terrot

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Maryam Rajavi Meets with Alain Néri and Michel Terrot

On the afternoon of Thursday, February 8, 2024, Mr. Alain Néri and Michel Terrot, two of the founders of the French Parliamentary Committee for a Democratic Iran (CPID), met with the NCRI President-elect and held discussions.
Mr. Alain Néri, a former senator and vice president of the French National Assembly and one of the renowned figures of the Socialist Party, and Mr. Michel Terrot, a former representative of the French National Assembly from the Republican Party, were among the French legislators for nearly three decades. For many years, they have supported the goals of the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the People’s Mojahedin.
While welcoming them, Mrs. Rajavi expressed her appreciation for their years of support and cooperation with the Iranian Resistance. Explaining the escalating crises engulfing the regime, the NCRI President-elect highlighted how the mullahs have resorted to foreign wars to suppress potential domestic uprisings and evade their impending overthrow. As a result, they have plunged the region into a spiral of conflict and crisis. However, faced with the unwavering determination of the Iranian people and the Resistance, they have no choice but to succumb to overthrow.
Mr. Alain Néri remarked that his native land, Auvergne, was the beating heart of the French national resistance against the Nazi invaders, fostering a deep-rooted tradition of resistance. Drawing parallels, he expressed his belief in sharing the goals and ideals of the Iranian Resistance. He is confident that, akin to the French Resistance against the fascists, the Iranian people and Resistance will persevere in their struggle until the criminal mullahs are ousted from Iran.
Mr. Michel Terrot said that the independence of the Iranian Resistance against religious dictatorship and relying on their own people to achieve victory is reminiscent of the leadership of General de Gaulle and his strategy of independence against the pressures of the superpowers of the time in World War II, namely the U.S. and the U.K. General de Gaulle kept the flames of resistance alive in a situation where a small percentage of the French people had joined it. But the uprising of the same part of the French people propelled the whole society forward and led to the victory of the Resistance.
Mr. Alain Néri and Michel Terrot, who had visited Ashraf 3 on separate occasions, most recently in July 2021, reminisced about the profound impact their meetings with the PMOI members in Ashraf 3 in Albania, particularly their visits to the Museum of the Iranian Resistance, had on them. They emphasized that the perseverance and steadfastness displayed by the members of this movement can only lead to one outcome: the overthrow of the crisis-ridden regime of the mullahs and the eventual freedom of the people of Iran.
Mr. Terrot expressed his profound appreciation for the opportunity to meet individuals who have made tremendous sacrifices and are tirelessly fighting for the future and freedom of their people and country, without seeking any personal rewards. He requested Mrs. Rajavi to convey his message of friendship and solidarity to the dedicated resistance fighters at Ashraf 3.
Mr. Néri, in reaction to the clerical regime’s orchestrated trial in Tehran of the leadership and some members of the PMOI in absentia, remarked that this event serves as the clearest indication yet of the weakness and ineffectiveness of this regime in the face of your resistance.

Maryam Rajavi

President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

The President-elect of the NCRI for the period to transfer sovereignty to the people of Iran

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